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Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Registration check

Currently, it is challenging to meet the needs of the elderly in Pakistan.

Often, old people depend on family members to meet their daily expenses. Those old buddies with no income source are in a very miserable position. In this condition, bahimat Buzurg Program is a very beneficial program for poor oldies launched by the government of Pakistan

Ba Himmat Buzurg is a program aimed at helping elderly individuals living in poverty by providing them with a monthly stipend of 2000 rupees. The program is designed to support these individuals and ensure they can meet their basic needs, such as food, clothing, and medical care.

This program was started by the government of Imran khan and still progressing under the supervision of a new government of Shahbaz Shareef. People from all districts of Punjab can apply for this program and can get 2000 rupees.

Our goal is to provide you with essential information about the requirements of this program and help you apply for it.

Eligibility Criteria

Before summiting the application you must know about the eligibility criteria of the program.

The eligibility criteria for the Bahimat Buzurg Program in Pakistan are as follows:

  1. Age: Applicants must be 65 years of age or older.
  2. Residency: Applicants must be residents of Pakistan.
  3. Income: Applicants must be living in poverty and have no source of income.
  4. National Identity Card: Applicants must have a valid National Identity Card (CNIC).
  5. Proof of age: Applicants must provide proof of their age, such as a birth certificate or passport.
  6. Proof of address: Applicants must provide proof of their current address, such as a utility bill or a government-issued document.

Note: This Scheme is both for men and women;

How To Apply For Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Registration – 2023

After Passing the eligibility criteria you can easily apply online  for 

Firstly you must be eligible then go to the Govt Pakistan website and click on Bahimat Buzurg Program

  • click on registered and submit documents and registered yourself
  • when you are registered then bop (agent) call you and ask some question and after this process, you will get money from be himmat buzurg program
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How Can we Get The Payments(bahimat buzurg program payment status

Payments will be made through the Punjab Bank, and beneficiaries will be issued a BA Himmat Buzarg card that can be used at any ATM in Punjab/Pakistan.

The steps to receive the number through the service card are as follows:

  1. Dial #267 from your mobile phone.
  2. Choose the option to receive the number and enter your desired number.
  3. The operator will ask you to enter a four-digit “MPIN” for transaction confirmation.
  4. You will receive an SMS from 8287 that contains a secret code.
  5. You can show your National Identity Card on a computerized kiosk to receive your number.
  6. Yahya Ashiq
  7. You will receive a confirmation on your registered mobile number after the freeze action is completed SMS will be received.
  8. 7 As soon as the transaction is opened, the service card cant provide you with the money. Verify the provided amount with the amount given in the SMS and process the amount

For more information government of Pakistan and Ehsaas program team have launched the app.

Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Registration check on the app

Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Registration check 2023

To withdraw money from an ATM machine, first, insert your ATM card and enter your PIN. Your account balance will be displayed on the screen. Select the option to withdraw cash and choose the amount you want to withdraw. Take the cash and your card when the transaction is complete.

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